Thursday, June 05, 2008

Brian Leiter is becoming one of my go-to bloggers for problems w/the USNWR rankings

As I sit in the Phoenix airport, grateful for the free wireless, I've been browsing my favorite blogs, and I always read Brian's posts on the rankings.  On June 3 (hey, I have some catching up to do....), Brian names names about the schools that take the most transfer students (see here).  Paired with Brian's post are two important follow-ups from Bill Henderson (see here and here), with the second post being Bill's response to another interesting post by Larry Ribstein (see here).  

Personally, I like the idea of taking transfer students, who have proven themselves to be good law students.  The LSAT is a decent predictor of first-year grades, but it just isn't the same thing as first-year grades.  I also love the idea of finding a way to make the LSAT less important in the USNWR rankings.  I've just never been a fan of using LSAT or UGPA as the sole measures of "student quality."  Nor have I been a fan of cheating on the rankings.  I think there's a role for intent in answering the damnable thing.  But then again, I also think that managing earnings to lie to investors about how much money a corporation really has is also a bad thing to do.

And now, for something completely different:  in another one of his posts, Brian has captured my favorite PowerPoint on the subprime mess (here).  

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