Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I can't remember which comedian has a routine about this....

It may be Patton Oswalt.  But a real-life version of someone's bit happened to me over the last few days.  I've been getting text messages on my cell phone from an 808 number (Hawai'i, apparently), and they've been in Spanish.  I wish I could speak Spanish, but I am seriously other-language-deficient.  After a few days of these very long texts, I finally texted back that I don't speak Spanish ("no habla espanol"), drawing on one of the very few phrases that I could recall.  

The anonymous texter texted me back with, "Excuse me."  Thinking that I was being polite, I texted back, "De nada.  Sorry!"  I figured that my response text would be the end of this exchange.  I was wrong.

Anonymous texter then replied, "De nada means your [sic] welcome....lo siento means sorry."  As glad as I was to learn this new phrase, I think that the texter missed my original point.  So I replied, "Ah.  I guess this proves that I don't speak Spanish."  

Isn't technology wonderful?????

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