Friday, October 18, 2013

Impressively bad customer service from Republic Services of Henderson, NV

All we want is to know our new dates for trash pickup.  Seems easy, right?  Go to the website, search by address, get info.

Nope.  We can get info on recycling (but we know our recycling dates).  We can't get info from Republic Services about our trash pickup dates.  We tried emailing.  The first time, we got a very polite response saying "we'll be back in touch."  That was on 10/15.  Radio silence since then.

I followed up and got this: 
So responding to the email saying "we'll be in touch" leads to a bounceback saying, essentially, n'il exist pas.

Interesting approach.  Want to place a bet on when (sorry, if) Republic Services cares to tell us when to put our trash cans out?  Or should we just try the 1/7 chance and guess?

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