Sunday, March 08, 2009

And another great idea for the economy

In response to this post (here), one of our best friends suggested the following:

Here's my plan: (1) stimulate the economy by increasing federal monies available to state universities -- I received a heck of an education and now pay back by working and paying taxes -- others will do the same - give a person fish and they eat one meal, teach them to fish and they eat for the rest of their lives; (2) stimulate the economy by investing in our infrastructure -- roads, railroads, etc. will be useful for a long time and create jobs; (3) don't do universal health care -- we can't afford it; (4) increase the social security tax but create a higher payout for those who contribute far more to the program -- make it more palatable; (5) change the internal revenue code so that home equity loans are no longer deductible -- that's what got us into this mess people borrowing against their homes to buy stuff they really didn't need; (6) keep the Bush tax cuts in place at least for now -- people need to have more money in their pockets, not less; (7) create tax incentives for buying American-made cars (even Honda if they are truly made here); and (8) require all seniors in high school between the ages of 18-20 to attend one summer in basic training (unfortunately, we are not ready if we need to call up more troops -- a little discipline, physical fitness, and readiness would not be a bad thing for our kids and this country -- although not tied to the economy, we are going to need more troops in the coming years (Iran and Afghanistan)).

Thanks, Scott--we always like your VERY sensible advice!

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Anonymous said...

it's useless if there's still corrupt people that abuse the economy...