Friday, May 25, 2007

Reflections on the first week of bar review

One more day, and Jeff & I will be finished with the first week of bar review. Observations so far:

1. I liked Professor Whitebread's lecture in 1987, and I liked it in 2007, too. Can 20 years really have passed so quickly between the two periods of bar prep.
2. I love taking notes on my laptop, although I seem to be the only person in the class who's doing that so far.
3. So far, the prep consists of stenography, in large part, and a bit of application. I know that those proportions will shift midway through.
4. I secretly (well, not so secretly, since I'm blogging) enjoy re-learning most of this stuff.


K said...

My nightmare is taking the bar again. Your apparent cheerfulness at this prospect amazes me. Best of luck.

Ron Turner said...

Best of luck on the bar and in all things.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your best wishes--they help!