Monday, January 29, 2007

MoneyLaw, Class Bias in Higher Education, and PrivilegeLaw

Jim Chen, over at MoneyLaw, pointed out Chadsworth Osborne Junior 3d's blog, PrivilegeLaw, the sworn enemy blog of MoneyLaw and Jeff Harrison's blog, Class Bias in Higher Education. In Jim's post, Two princes tackle PrivilegeLaw, Jim uses the classic "popular culture defense" to call attention to PrivilegeLaw's anachronistic view of legal education.

Sure, Jim, you can take the high road. I, however, now believe in fighting fire with fire, so I went straight to someone who might have been one of Osborne Junior 3d's contemporaries, Gil Grantmore. Gil has his own blog, and more important, he has some pretty interesting stories, some of which tangentially might relate to Osborne Junior 3d's performance in law school.

Perhaps a d├ętente might be in order?

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Matt said...

It's not April 1, and yet . . . I can't help but note the coincidence:

Who, really, is Cadsworthe Osborne? Inquiring minds, and all that . . . .