Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Closure (?) on National Jurist article

After mulling things over, I sent Rebecca Luczycki, Editor in Chief of Cypress Magazines' National Jurist and preLaw publications, an email to explain that I wasn't exactly thrilled with her description of the meeting in the first paragraph of National Jurist's The Rankings Game article. (If you want to see the Word version of my email and her response, click here.)

Why wasn't I thrilled? Well (and I might be a tad sensitive about this), I wasn't happy (1) that, after two-and-a-half hours of a loaded meeting, I was so emotionally drained and frustrated that I'd ended up shedding a few tears in public (embarrassing enough at the time), and (2) that the stories (Houston Chronicle and National Jurist) reporting the tears might have been a nice hook for the reporters but certainly also added to stereotypes about women executives "not being tough enough" to lead.

In any event, I wrote Ms. Luczycki a letter, she apologized, and life moves on.


Ann Bartow said...

I personally don't see crying as "weak." It's a lot better way to discharge a lot og pent up emotion than hitting someone!

Jim Chen said...

I'm with Ann. From personal experience, I can testify that there is indeed crying in baseball. And it's a good thing, too.

The test here, as in so many other walks of life, is whether you would say or write item x, with the same tone and for the same purposes, if the subject were a man rather than a woman. I don't think the National Jurist article passed that test, but then again I'm biased in your favor, Nancy.