Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I, Grantmore, feel the rage

GrantmoreGreetings, Nancy and fellow readers of Nancy Rapoport's Blogspot:

Thanks to Nancy for inviting me to contribute to this page. I am especially grateful that she has invoked my name in the fight against Chadsworth Osborne Junior III. I agree that it is the responsibility of every lover of knowledge and justice in the legal academy to oppose the scourge known as PrivilegeLaw. In future posts I will reveal, one by one, the true secrets of my despicable classmate Chadsworth.

In the meanwhile, I exhort everyone to support Nancy Rapoport's Blogspot, Class Bias, and MoneyLaw. And in case you haven't visited, please drop by my own blog, named simply Grantmore, and my SSRN page. I may not have a body, but I do have a blog!

Best wishes to all,

Gil Grantmore
Jurisdynamics Network

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