Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mary L. Dudziak and the Legal History Blog

Mary L. Dudziak just posted a comment in response to my post on figuring out SSRN downloads, and I wanted to upgrade her comment to a new post so that I could make sure that folks can see the two links that she sent along. Here's her post:

Just found your new blog via the Feminist Law Professors blog/Law Blog Central, and wanted to say welcome from the Legal History Blog! For comments on rankings (SSRN & others) over at the Legal History Blog, here are a couple of links: Your New Year's Resolution: An SSRN Download A Day, and Chronicle of Higher Ed reports new Scholarly Ranking Service.

Best wishes, Mary Dudziak

Thanks, Mary, and while I'm at it, a shout-out to Chris Fairman at Ohio State, who just emailed me to tell me how to find the "top 10 downloads" when I get one of those "you're in the top 10 downloads" notices. Thanks, Chris!

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