Friday, January 28, 2011

A tale of two customer service approaches, part 2.

So I'm picking up friends at the airport, and I must have written the time of arrival down incorrectly.  The airline had a flight coming in from the appropriate place at the time I'd written down, but my friends weren't on that flight.  The flight number I'd written down was coming from a place nowhere near my friends' location, and it showed an arrival time of about 90 minutes later.

I went to the lost luggage office of the airline, explained my predicament, and asked the person behind the desk to help me locate my friends.  She told me that she could neither confirm whether my friends were on the earlier flight nor could she confirm whether they were on the later flight.  So I called the airline and finally reached a human, who was nice enough to confirm that my friends were on the later flight, even though the location associated with that flight seemed off to me.

Guess which route (no pun intended) I'll take in the future to find out this type of information?

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