Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dear Samsung: So far, you owe me $1200, and the computer person isn't even here yet.

I bought a Samsung CLP-310w this week because my last attempt at a wireless printer resulted in paper jams whenever more than 2 sheets were loaded (the HP LaserJet Pro P1102w).

Samsung reps--yes, that would be over 2 hours of conversations with Samsung reps to date--agree that there's a problem with the Samsung software and Mac OS 10.6.6.  But they don't seem to have a way to fix it.  I hope that HotLink Data does.  Typically, the folks at HotLink Data can fix anything.

Samsung did, however, suggest that I hook it up directly to my router and computer.

Apparently, Samsung and I disagree about what "wireless" means.

UPDATE:  I sent this blog post to Samsung, and here's what Samsung said this morning:
Thank you for contacting Samsung Electronics.

We understand that you need drivers for Mac OS 10.6.6. for the printer.

We are sorry to inform you that as of now we do not have drivers ready for Mac OS 10.6.6. however, our
developers are designing the drivers for Mac OS 10.6.6. As of now the drivers available are for Mac OS 10.3 ~
We are providing you with the link for the print drivers for Mac OS 10.3 ~ 10.6.
Yep, you figured it out before Samsung did.  That's the very same software that Samsung's Customer Service has already asked me to download three times. 

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