Monday, January 17, 2011

A salute to Deana, the Yosemite Ranger.

Jeff and I went to Yosemite recently, and we went up to Badger Pass to go cross-country skiing.  On the first day that we were up at Badger Pass, we were lucky enough to get a lesson with Deana, a Yosemite Park Ranger.  Not only did Deana give us an incredibly fun lesson, she taught us a variety of moves, many of which came in quite handy on our second trip to Badger Pass.

Day 1:  fresh powder, very little ice on the trails.
Day 2:  ice, ice, ice.

Thank you, Deana, for reminding both of us that we love this sport, even though we're still rank beginners!

And, if you love Yosemite as much as we do, you might consider joining the Yosemite Conservancy (here).

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