Sunday, March 24, 2013

UPDATE: Bad customer service at Sheraton Suites Old Town Alexandria.

I stayed at the Sheraton Suites Old Town Alexandria this weekend, and let's just say that I'm more than disappointed.  I can live w/refurbishing that closes down all but one elevator for two days (hey, exercise!); I can live with a "print your boarding pass" area that doesn't print; I can live w/a hotel restaurant that only opens at 7 a.m.

What I don't want to experience again--and which is why I will never stay there again--is that even after I called Starwood Preferred Guest Customer Service--the hotel did not take the duplicate Internet charge off my phone.

History:  web site says "click here and, for just under 11 bucks, you can use all of your devices on this connection."  I click.  Wireless is very slow.  I use a wired connection.  Better.

Over the next two days, the wireless, and then the WIRED, connection slows to a crawl.

When I see my bill this morning, it had not one, not two, but three Internet charges for the first day.  When I complained to the front desk, the person there said that she'd take the duplicates off my bill.

When I checked out, I discovered that she'd taken one of the duplicates off but left the other one on.  When I complained, she told me that she couldn't do anything about it but that I was welcome to talk with her manager.  That'd be the manager that wasn't there.  So I left, mightily ticked off.

When I got to DCA, I called Starwood Preferred Guest Customer Service and explained what happened.  SPGCS told me that the folks at corporate would tell the folks at the hotel to take the duplicate charge off.  I was treated very nicely by the Customer Service person.

I just got the bill.  The duplicate charge is still there.  So I've posted a review on TripAdvisor, and I'm going to send SPGCS a copy of this post.

Let me ask you, Sheraton Suites, is an $11 charge--an improper charge--worth it for all of this ticked-off-edness?

UPDATE:  I just received a third invoice from the hotel.  Finally, the errant overcharge has been refunded.

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