Sunday, January 06, 2013

You can only call it a "genius bar" if the people doing repairs are actually thinking: UPDATE.

Normally, I love Apple Computers.  Love the products.  Love the service.  But not this time.

1/2/13:  Brought in my MacBook Pro to the Apple Store at Town Square because I was having a problem with the computer's sleep function.  The person at the Genius Bar (James) told me that he'd look it over but that we might have to replace the hard drive.
James:  "Have you backed it up?"
Me:  "I think so, but I'm not positive.  What should we do?"
James:  "Why don't we do this--if we have to replace your hard drive, I'll call you first, so that you can take the computer home, make sure it's backed up, and then we can replace the hard drive."
Me:  "What a great idea.  Thanks!"
You know where this is going, right?

I dropped it off on 1/2/13 (it's repair ticket R81777487, if anyone at Apple is reading this post), and I got an email yesterday that the computer was ready for pickup.

I pick it up and see a "REPLACED HARD DRIVE" tag on it.  I explain my extreme unhappiness to the guy at the Genius Bar (Nick), and he apologizes.  I explain that I appreciate the apology, but that I need them to fix the problem that they caused.  With both "Repair Nick" and "Manager Nick," the best they said that they could do was give me the old hard drive ("which we normally don't do").  "Repair Nick" said that, if I brought in my Time Machine, he would personally try to restore all of my data.  I went home, hoping that Time Machine would work.  "Manager Nick" was singularly unimpressive in terms of coming up with creative and appropriate solutions.

And it would have--had Apple replaced my old hard drive with a new 1 TB drive, rather than a 750 GB drive.

At this point, I'm bordering on the shaken-faith doctrine.  But I'm about to drive BACK to the Town Square Apple Store with (1) my still-needs-to-be-fixed computer, (2) my Time Machine, and (3) my old hard drive.  I hope with all my heart that "Repair Nick" can fix the problem that his store caused in the first place.  More soon.

UPDATE:  "Repair Nick" has replaced my drive and is using my Time Machine to restore my computer.  He's actually a nice guy.  Will update y'alll when I can.

FURTHER UPDATE:  "Repair Nick" has saved the day.  He was able to restore my computer completely -- or at least I think so.  I'll know more when I pick it up.  He has been unfailingly polite and patient. 

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