Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why giving up my Droid X was worth over a thousand dollars to me.

I thought I was smart. I thought I was a rebel. I thought that I could avoid going all-in on Apple products. I thought that having a phone that linked to my Gmail account and all of its contacts would be cool and convenient.


I had a Droid X for all of six months before I had a hissy fit yesterday. The Droid had just gotten on my last nerve.

Oh, there were signs. Like any bad relationship, there were signs. Lotus Notes didn't like Droids. Installing Lotus Notes took over an hour, and after I updated my Droid OS, Lotus Notes went on the fritz. Not even the best minds at UNLV's Office of Information Technology (and trust me, there are very smart people working at OIT) could figure out what was wrong. I almost gave up right there, but I stuck with my Droid.

I stuck with my Droid even though its autocorrect feature would go haywire from time to time. I stuck with my Droid even though its browser was slow. I stuck with my Droid even though Android Market didn't have as many cool apps.

I was stubborn.  So what changed my mind? Sheer, boundless stupidity.

I don't know why the Droid X stopped getting Gmail (its raison d'ĂȘtre, after all, right?) and started giving me messages telling me that Google (yes, Google) didn't have a trusted security certificate. I did a Google search (on my iMac) to find out what the various Gmail errors meant, and I saw page after page listing the newest Gmail/Droid X errors. 

Strike one.

When I called Verizon Wireless, the tech rep told me that there were no such problems.

Strike two.

Then he told me that I'd have to do a hard reset, which would mean having to reinstall everything, including Lotus Notes.

Strike three.

So I called around and found one Apple store that had a few iPhone 4s models remaining. I hightailed it over there and got the phone. 

Because I'd had the Droid for under a year, I had to pay full price (gasp!) for a 64GB iPhone 4s, but here's the thing:  the in-store setup, including a humongous contact list transfer, took around 15 minutes, and the OIT Lotus Notes setup (including downloading the Lotus Notes app) took around 10 minutes. Canceling my second phone line at Verizon took about 10 minutes and cost me $280, but I'll save $40/month by not having a second phone line.

And let's face it: the iPhone's just better. Its keyboard is easier to use. Its autocorrect feature is pretty smart. The phone feels better in my hand. And Siri? Ah, Siri has the right amount of competence and whimsy.

So what will I do with the Droid X now? Let's just say that there's a 230-gr. hollow-point with the Droid's name on it, and one happy husband who's been trying to find a way to lure me to the shooting range.

We found it. Wait for the video.


Ellie said...

While there is a certain amount of satisfaction that will come from going totally "Office Space" on the phone, I'm sure some nerd would buy it off eBay for slightly less than it retails for. Just a thought. =)

Tom Russell said...

You'll love the iPhone. I had a DroidX for about 4 months and abandoned it. My only regret was leaving all my 3-star Angry Birds levels behind.

Tom Russell

K said...

I don't want to spoil your fun, but Amazon has a pretty good electronics buy-back program. When I upgraded to the 4s, Amazon gave me a gift card for $140 for my old 3g. So, you might be able to salvage some $$$ from that Droid.

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