Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another great post by Bill Henderson (and thanks to Paul Caron) for calling my attention to it

Bill's post about the opportunities that Erwin Chemerinsky has at UC-Irvine is here, and Paul Caron's link to it at MoneyLaw is here.

UC-Irvine's new law school has several advantages: a very impressive (and very nice) new dean, and (as Bill points out) its location and the UC brand will all help. The difficulties will include fitting the new law school into the UC pay scale (I've visited w/folks at some of the other campuses, and I've heard how difficult it is to crack the UC pay scale to pay top dollar for law professors), as well as recovering from last week's brouhaha about Erwin's hiring, firing, and re-hiring.

If anyone can build a MoneyBall/MoneyLaw school, it's Erwin. And I know that it'll be fun to watch it happen. The best part of being at a new or new-ish school is that one has the opportunity to make traditions and not just react to them.

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