Thursday, September 27, 2007

Advice to Erwin Chemerinsky over on Tax Prof site

Once again, the Tax Prof Blog is doing something that's fun to read AND important even to non-tax types: advice to Erwin Chemerinsky about what he should do during his deanship at UC-Irvine's law school. (My post will be up soon, so I'm a tad biased.) These short (250-word limit) posts are intriguing, and they should provide good fodder for honest discussion about the direction of legal education in the U.S. I particularly liked the posts from David Bernstein (make law an undergraduate major--I've been saying that for years), Jeff Lipshaw (be relevant to the profession), and Ben Barton (use the case method that B-schools use), and many of my other perennial favorite folks have good posts, too. Of course, Paul & Bill's posts (which start the series--scroll to the bottom) are wonderful.

This reminds me: I'm working on a book of VERY SHORT essays, tentatively entitled Lemmings: How Legal Education Fails Law Students. I've solicited some essays already, and if you'd like me to consider yours, please send it (or a proposal for one) to me. Thanks!

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