Monday, August 27, 2007

I get to be a professor again--tales from week 1

Last week, Boyd School of Law started its classes, and I got to teach my first day of the basic bankruptcy course. It's been a year since I've taught anything, and eight years since I taught a bankruptcy course. (Congress, of course, was nice enough to amend the Bankruptcy Code so that I wouldn't feel rusty.) I'm using the Epstein, Markell, Nickles, Perris book, and I started out with a day of big-picture questions about what a bankruptcy code should do. The students were comfortable participating in teams, and they had good answers to the questions. Tomorrow, we'll start learning the Code in earnest.

I also got lucky enough to become part of our Appointments Committee and our Bar Exam and Class Rankings Committee. I'm not being facetious--I'm truly delighted to serve on these committees, and I'm looking forward to working with my new colleagues.

Given that we get to do exactly what we want to do as law professors--and would do for free if we were independently wealthy--it's a damn good life, and I'm thrilled to be doing it again.

Happy start-of-school, everyone....

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