Monday, August 20, 2007

Ann Bartow has tagged me, so I'm "it"--for now....

Thanks to Ann's tag, here are 8 random facts about me:

1. I started out wanting to be a paleontologist, but my mom told me that paleontology wasn't a growth industry.

2. Then I wanted to be a marine biologist (but I hate getting my face wet) and a doctor (but I have absolutely no curiosity about how the body works, and I hate the sight of blood); finally, I flipped a coin between law school and grad school in psychology. My GRE score was higher than my LSAT, but most of the time, I'm happy with my decision.

3. When I took the bar this past July, I played video poker in the breaks between the morning and afternoon sessions. Hey, when in Las Vegas,....

4. I fear clowns. Something to do with Stephen King's It, I think.

5. Blues music makes me happy. Go figure.

6. When I was sitting for the California bar, way back in 1987, I was bitten through the nose by a German Shepard that had been cooped up in a pick-up truck. The bite took 32 stitches to close, and I was the 106th German Shepard attack in San Francisco that year. I was twitchy around dogs for a long time after that, but now I'm back happily petting all dogs that are friendly. The dogsledding puppy that I held this summer was a highlight of our vacation.

7. When I was interviewing for a summer clerkship in 1984, I was flown out to DC for an interview with a national firm's DC office. The airplane apparently didn't have all of its landing gear down when it tried to land at National, so we flew around between Dulles and National for five hours to dump excess fuel, then landed at 1 a.m. on a runway lined with fire trucks. Personally, I think it was a sign that that firm's DC office was a bad match for me--and that proved to be correct. Our rejection letters crossed each other in the mail that August.

8. I have an unnatural obsession with Disneyana, Titanic, the Romanovs, and great white sharks. And Jeff tolerates all of those obsessions with graciousness.

I'm tagging Gil Grantmore, Bob Lawless, Julia McQuillan, Jeff Lipshaw, George Kuney, and Paul Caron.

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