Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dear Hilton Corporation:

Why is it, that at least one Doubletree, you have set the systems running the televisions (according to the repairperson I met yesterday) to change, at random times, from the channel that I want to watch to the Movie Promo channel, thereby interrupting my viewing preferences?  The repairman told me that he is powerless to prevent the channel-changing.  Did you set this channel-priority-programming in place because:
  • You believe that your guests have no idea that they can rent movies in your hotel rooms?
  • You dislike the fact that I prefer news in the morning to the repeated loop of Mario Lopez (who was, in fact, a very good dancer-contestant on Dancing With The Stars, so I have nothing against the guy) touting movies that I will be able to get later on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon?
  • You think that I am too old for Adult Swim at night?
  • Movie Promo channel is the sole source of your profitability?
  • You bought too many batteries at one time for your remotes and want to make sure that you use them all before they expire, and therefore you've decided to encourage your guests to use their remotes more--by making sure that they keep switching back to what they wanted to watch and away from the dreaded Movie Promo channel?
  • You have stock in the Movie Promo channel?  Lots of stock?  The amount of stock that requires you to file something with the SEC if you sell it all at once?
  • You've seen Gaslight and think it's an extraordinary movie (which, really, it is)?
Whatever it is, let's just say that you're winning the social science wars here.

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