Friday, August 13, 2010

Scott Bovitz ROCKS! (As does the Bovitz-Spitzer law firm....)

So I'm bugging my friends for some samples of stay relief motions to effect setoffs and for samples of objections to exemptions, and Scott Bovitz (one stylin' dude, BTW--see here) calls me to direct me to his portal (here).  That portal has all sorts of handy-dandy links, like the one to his law firm (here), which in turn led me to some form links for the Central District of California.  Thanks, Scott!

And, for the rest of my buddies who might have some such forms (hint, hint, folks like Marc, Billy, and others....), please let me know if you have some exemplars I can use.  I'm doing a pro bono representation of a creditor (Stop laughing! Creditors need love, too!), and I could use the help.  Thanks!

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