Sunday, July 04, 2010

Why I love the Luxor Las Vegas

I had a gathering for some friends this week, and I talked with Felix Rappaport about how to make the event really memorable.  Felix introduced me to Jean George and Linda Kelly, both of whom took my breath away with the amount of spoiling they did:  a breathtaking room, two great cabanas, and champagne and snacks.  I felt like a VIP from the moment we arrived to the moment that we left.

Yes, the party was amazing, but I've always been impressed by the staff at Luxor.  Everyone from the valet to the bell desk to the folks at check-in to the folks at the shops -- all of them exceptionally nice and friendly.  (And all of them have said great things about Felix, Jean, and Linda.)

So thank you, Luxor, and here's to the next time I hang out with you!

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David F. said...

I just love it 'cause it is so unique. About 10 years ago, my friend and I went up to the top floors to appreciate the architectural achievement.

Though I was quite happy staying at that little hotel across from the Hard Rock at the Feb. conference at UNLV.

"Theirs was a good hotel, indeed"