Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thanks, Super Shag, for the videos!

SuperShag did some on-the-dance-floor videos of our Vegas Showdown 2010 Silver Smooth Scholarship (here), Bronze Standard Scholarship (here), and Open B Rhythm Scholarship rounds.  (The two in the ballgowns are tango, which is why I look more serious in those clips.)  For the Rhythm videos, see here (although I managed to kick the floor in a rondé), here, and here.  (Thank goodness that SuperShag didn't catch the Coppertone moment after that part of our routine!)  For more tiny videos, check this blog after this weekend.

Thanks to my teacher, Sergei Shapoval, and to my coaches, Felipe and Carolina Telona.  Y'all ROCK!


Blake Quackenbush said...

The dancing was fantastic, the gowns were amazing--I have no doubt you impressed the judges! You certainly impressed the audience.

Nancy Rapoport said...

Many thanks!!!!