Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to render a Contracts professor speechless in class.

Give her samples of "UCC Coffee" and "UCC Tea" at the beginning of class.  OK, I wasn't rendered entirely speechless,* but I did get a huge kick out of this surprise. I am really enjoying this semester's Contracts section!

*As if I could ever be rendered entirely speechless. 


Steven Horowitz said...

I lived in Japan for a number of years, including two stints while in law school, and I regularly drank UCC coffee and other products. And yet for some reason this is the first time the joke occurred to me. Perhaps a reflection on my merits as a law student. :-)

Thanks for sharing this, Nancy.

Steven (aka Bankruptcy Bill)

Nancy Rapoport said...

So funny! Thanks, Steven--and I'm tickled pink by these two cans!

Stacey Tovino said...

Love it!