Thursday, December 31, 2009

Calling all Mac users--any idea what this means?

I've gotten these files before. Can't get rid of them; don't know what causes them. But when I brought this problem to the Apple Genius Bar, the person who addressed the problem suggested a wiping-out of my computer and a restore based on Time Capsule. (And I've alluded to the results of that suggestion in an earlier post, here.)

So if anyone knows what causes this problem or how to fix it (or even how to delete these files), I'd sure appreciate your ideas. Thanks!


Grungy said...

Those are likely tiny files that were attached to spam.

If they don't delete with the usual emptying of the trash, have you tried the "Secure Empty Trash..." in the Finder Menu?

And if that fails, you can try "Trash It! 4.0", a freeware utility written just for troubled trash cans.
You can find Trash It! here:

Anonymous said...

You could always grab Win7 and go back to having a real computer!

Nancy Rapoport said...

Thanks, Anonymous--but after struggling with various PCs over the years, I'm now a firm convert to the Mac.