Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Well, duh....

The SuperLawyers law school rankings are out (see here for a leak of the results). As I predicted (here), older and bigger schools did well; younger and smaller schools (except for Yale, which counts as "older") did poorly.

I had emailed SuperLawyers to find out if its methodology was going to factor age and size of school into account. The folks there were very nice, but noncommittal--and you can see for yourself that the results show what I'd predicted.

Speaking of nice, I had occasion to call Bob Morse of USNWR last week for some info, and as always, he was extremely helpful and courteous. Not everyone agrees with his methodology, but no one can argue with his willingness to be accessible.


Bill White, Publisher, Super Lawyers and Law & Politics said...

My blog posting today regarding our rankings addresses the very issue you raised about class size. You can find it on the homepage of superlawyers.com under the title, Super Cum Laude: Our First Annual Law School Rankings.

Nancy Rapoport said...

Thanks, Bill--how might you control for this issue in the future?

All the best,

Richard Peck said...

The next jury who cares which law school the lawyer attended will be the first.