Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Score: 13 pounds of cat, 1; two adult humans, 0

Our girl Grace (on left) was supposed to be on diet cat food. After four days of a hunger strike (hers--not ours), we finally called our vet, who told us to give up on the diet food and just give her less of the regular food.

We are still trying to figure out which one of us gave her the "stubborn" gene.

We also think that Shadow (on right) is gloating.


JeffVN said...

Its just sad that we got whooped so bad so fast. You've got to give credit where credit is due. Grace never waivered or even appeared close to cracking. She wanted to eat what she wanted to eat, and nothing was apparently going to change her mind.

Given the close family resemblance to Nancy - who has multi-colored hair just like Grace, I blame her... :)

jvanniel said...

Hmmm, the (14) Leadership traits for a US Marine NCO are (JJTIDEBUCKLE):

Thank heavens none of them say "Stand up to your cat"!!

Oh well I say Nancy cracked, I can see Jeff saying "It's right there, eat or go hungry...Shadow's such a pretty giiirrrrrllllll"

Nancy Rapoport said...

I have been unfairly maligned! Jeff was the one who was sneaking Grace "fatty" food! I just couldn't bear the idea of Grace starving herself out of stubborness.

I guess that I'm kitten-whipped. But so is JDVN. :)

And, to the best of my knowledge, Grace has never had pink or magenta hair. I have.

josh said...

When the vet put the heavier of our two cats on cat diet, we were able to get a timer/feeder that dispenses 1/4 cup in the a.m. and 1/4 in the p.m. so she could molest it instead of us.