Thursday, December 04, 2008

OK, Chantix spammers--you asked for it.

Links to some of the stories about how dangerous Chantix is alleged to be: See here and here, for example.

Click here for some info on the FDA warning about Chantix.

So, Chantix spammers, do you still want to keep making me remove your comments on my blog, or will you cut it out?


Jeff Paulsen said...

I think a lot of comment spam is actually automated. In all likelihood, nobody who could (or would want to) stop the spam is reading your post. See for details.

Luke Gilman said...

Even if automated, I like the idea of helping Chantix internalize the cost of its spam by boosting the visibility of negative rather than positive items in search engines like Google. It may be all they'll ever understand.

It's also likely outsourced to an 'SEO expert' so perhaps simply informing folks up the marketing decision chain would be effective.

Stephen said...

As I've noted, toss on a terms of access or other adhesion contract that obligates Chantix to pay you for the advertising, then file suit or an arbitration to transfer their domain names in damages.

That gets people's attention