Sunday, September 21, 2008

Welcome to Race to the Top!

I want to welcome to the rankings conversation a new blog: Race to the Top (see here). I'm on the advisory board of this group, and I'm excited about the mission:
[W]ith no information on educational quality, research shows that respondents simply replicate the previous year's U.S. News rankings, and the scores remain fairly static over time.

Given the question U.S. News asks, we need to think more about evaluating schools based on the quality of education that they provide for students, or the "value added" by the institution, in filling out the survey.
Similar to the Green Bag's survey, which is going to check to see if law schools' publications bear any relationship at all to the reality of their faculty productivity (see here), Race to the Top will try to measure those intangibles that go into a school's real educational quality. Please consider completing Race to the Top's survey.

Bravo to the co-founders (David Fagundes of Southwestern and Jason Solomon at Georgia)!

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