Saturday, November 10, 2007

Anthony Ciolli gets dismissed from lawsuit

To see how disgusting some of the comments posted on AutoAdmit were, see here. The people who posted such things demonstrated their immaturity (at best) and their own venal natures (at worst). Nothing I've ever said condones the material that these people posted. I've been a victim of it, too (back when I was at the UH Law Center), albeit with less-nasty comments.

But Anthony Ciolli has been dismissed as a defendant in the case. For more info, click here.


Anonymous said...

Still playing the victim card? Maybe you should take responsibility for unilaterally deciding that rankings didn't matter, when the rankings clearly affect the long-term earnings potential of UH students.

Marc J. Randazza said...

That level of disrespect seems ill placed. Perhaps Dean Rapoport was on to something -- and if the deans at other law schools followed along and told US News to go to hell, the law school experience would be better. By extension, the profession itself would improve.

If the dean failed to be obsessed with what one magazine's moronic survey thought of UH, perhaps she should be congratulated, not mocked.