Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sugar rushes for the season

I was just responding to Brian Leiter's ranking of law schools by LSAT score over at MoneyLaw, and I found myself using the word "peep," which naturally led to my thinking about Peeps. (It's a seasonal thing, although the Peeps website says that Peeps don't have to be only seasonal.)

My friend Carol Brown, who happens to be the sister of Larry "Bubbles" Brown, turned me onto Peeps, but I'll bet that she hasn't yet seen this website about Peeps experiments. Those experiments reminded me of the late, great experiments on Twinkies that Rice University students once performed. What made the experiments so priceless was the fact that the students performed them during finals week.

As my friends celebrate this season for reasons other than mine (we get matzot, they get...Peeps?), I thought that you might enjoy this scientific look at two classic foods.


Anonymous said...

Did you see the photos of the Washington Post's Peep diorama contest? Fabulous!

Richard Peck said...

I wonder, what happens if you add Peeps to diet coke and mentos?

Nancy Rapoport said...

Richard: Peeps + Diet Coke + Mentos =


Anonymous said...

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