Wednesday, March 28, 2007

LUV letter--thank you, Southwest Airlines!

Before I go to sleep tonight, I want to thank Southwest Airlines publicly for how nicely it handled my travel delays today.

I was headed to Jurist's 10th anniversary celebration conference, Law as a Seamless Web. My original flight out was canceled, and I was booked on the next flight out, which was also going to be a little late. The Southwest agent assured me that I'd make my connection, even though I was landing at Midway in terminal B and heading to a gate in terminal A. About two minutes after we landed at Midway, I was heading toward terminal A, and I heard "final boarding for Pittsburgh." I figured that I wasn't going to make my flight, so I didn't rush to the gate. I walked, heard a second "final boarding" announcement, and picked up my pace a bit. Made it to the gate to see the agent walking away from the boarding area--the agent turned around, and he asked if I was "Rapoport" (no I'm Not Rappaport play jokes here, please). Southwest held the flight for me--and my bag made it onto the plane.

I already "LUV'ed" Southwest's business plan and the fact that it lets its crews use their senses of humor to good effect. Now I love LUV because it got me to Pittsburgh in fine style.

In case you're wondering (or are preternaturally cynical): no one at Southwest has paid me to say this.

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CreditBoss said...

Lucky you are. Once I was a little bit late for bording for a BlueJet flight from Seattle to New York. I had to take the flight the next day. i missed my KLM flights from New York to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam to Moscow. Well, the good thing the didn't charge me anything. Not even KLM