Thursday, February 08, 2007

I have seen bad customer service, and I have never seen customer service as bad as that "offered" by McAfee

I foolishly tried to update my anti-virus software. Because my computer originally came with McAfee, I thought that I'd just update that software. That was my first mistake.

Here's what has happened so far today:

1. I purchased the newest McAfee VirusScan.
2. I installed it.
3. I registered it.
4. I ran its diagnostics, and it suggested that I update two files.
5. I clicked on the link to get me to the update area, called McAfee Service Portal.
6. I tried to log on, but Service Portal wouldn't accept the very account that I had just opened when I purchased my software.
7. I tried to get technical support from the web. I couldn't log on because technical support also wouldn't accept the account info that I had just created.
8. I tried emailing McAfee. I couldn't find a working email address that didn't first start by taking me through steps #6-7.
9. I tried creating a new user account, but I couldn't get a grant number (a GRANT NUMBER? for a NEW USER????).
10. I tried emailing sales, on the theory that someone there might be able to get me to a human. No response.
11. I tried emailing web feedback, but in order to email web feedback, you have to promise that you're not requesting technical support. (I emailed web feedback anyway.)
12. I finally reached a live internet chat line and talked with a very nice tech rep named Steven. Steven couldn't help me, so he gave me this number:
800-338-8754 .
13. I called that number. It's for CORPORATE support, so corporate support gave me to consumer customer support, at (866) 622-3911.
14. Before I called consumer customer support, I asked corporate support to let me speak to a manager. Corporate support put me into a phone loop. I hung up.
15. I called consumer support, which told me that it couldn't help me. It suggested I call corporate support for a refund.
16. I called corporate support, which told me that I had to call another number--866-622-3911--for a refund. I asked to speak to a manager without being put into another phone loop. I was transferred to the phone loop. I hung up.
17. I called this latest number, and I found someone willing to give me a refund. Well, sort of--it may take several days, and I'll have to wait for a disk to be sent to me so that I can return the disk, unopened, for yet another refund. I asked if someone there could get a message to corporate that this experience in customer taunting has been the worst of my life (46 years and counting). Nope. There's no link to corporate from this number. My gut hunch is that I'll have to spend several more minutes of my life getting an actual refund.

Moral: Kafka couldn't create a worse customer service story. I suggest that anyone who wants to avoid this type of stress also avoid McAfee.


Childress said...

I can't believe you did not surrender much sooner. You are much nicer than I am. Of course companies like this probably survive only because people like me chalk it up as stolen money and don't get a refund.

I had a similar experience with the Norton suite last year. Except when they told me the work I would have to do to get a refund, I forgot about it till your post reminded me.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the account you opened would only work after the passage of some period of time (such as on the next visit to the system).

Anonymous said...

My Symantec/Norton anitvirus customer-lack-of-service was as bad as yours. It included long hold times, being left on eternal hold for the supervisor. (eternal hold is defined as 1.5+ hours until after 5pm Pacific time when they close for corporate service.) Also one person told me I could not speak to her manager.

Anonymous said...

I was freed from the Hell of PC software support years ago. Get a Mac!! :-)

Ralph said...

Don't trust anything that has an automatic renewal. You know there will trouble from the start.

Angela Navejas said...

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