Thursday, October 16, 2014

Congratulations to the wonderful Kathleen Lyon!

Full story here, but here's my favorite paragraph:
The 10th and final Distinguished Service Award is presented to Tax Division Office of the Assistant Attorney General Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General Kathleen E. Lyon for her extraordinary work in drafting the Program for Non-Prosecution Agreement or Non-Target Letters for Swiss Banks (Swiss Bank Program).  The department has had ongoing investigations into the use of foreign bank accounts to evade U.S. taxes, and the Swiss Bank Program was designed to encourage Swiss banks not already under investigation to cooperate with the department’s efforts.  Ms. Lyon was instrumental in drafting the terms of the Swiss Bank Program.
Brava, Kathleen!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

For my friends who aren't on Facebook--a recap of a happy event last month.

Yep, that's 1st place in the USDC Rising Star Smooth, B Division.  YAY!

Dear Financial Times newspaper: you win; I give up; I will not renew my subscription.

I have tried--and tried, and tried, and tried, and TRIED--to renew my newspaper subscription.  I can't reach a human; when the "human" calls me back, the phone call abruptly terminates after a few seconds; and the website for renewals won't record my credit card, no matter how hard I try:

I give up.  I won't read my beloved Lucy Kellaway any more.  I won't enjoy the weekend section, or the reports on business schools, or the editorials.  (Well, I often didn't enjoy the editorials that much, anyway.)

Please note that THIS PARTICULAR [firstname] [lastname] is calling it quits with your newspaper. 

Assuming that what this professor says is true (and I have no reason to think that it's not), I'm standing with him in solidarity.

See here.  Universities are supposed to be places in which divergent views can be heard with respect and intelligent debate.  That means that BOTH sides of a debate must be heard, not just the "popular" side.  Hat tip to Instapundit for alerting me to this story.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Another wonderful Lubet post about the Salaita issue.

See here.  What I liked best about this post is the point about trying to see things from other points of view.  Too often, we assume that anyone who disagrees with us has to be wrong--and intentionally so.  I prefer to do what Steve Lubet does, and at least ask whether I might be missing something in my own take on an issue.

Friday, September 19, 2014

UNLV's State of the University Address.

It's hereAnd for my buddies, the stuff about me starts around 1:24:18 or so.

And another feel-good story....

See here.

Awesome young inventor....

See here.  And his mom's awesome, too!

UPDATE: Why I am no longer a Democrat (the short version).

There's a longer explanation having to do with feeling as though I no longer belong in the mainstream of Democrats, but the shorter--and more immediate--explanation is that I am sick of political calls on our home phone.  They're invasive, and they do nothing to change my political views.  I've heard that if I change my affiliation to "non-partisan," these calls will stop.  We'll see.

UPDATE (10/3/14):  My protest pales in comparison to this wonderful Bloggess post.